About Our Bonsai Trees

Subtropical Bonsai Trees For South Florida

We sell subtropical bonsai trees for all South Florida! While other species can and do grow here, subtropical plants do the best. Since we are all about YOUR bonsai growing experience and success, we make every effort to find you the most suitable species, soils, fertilizers and containers for your individual needs. In other words...


For instance, we acclimate all of our bonsai trees to specific light conditions. We have divided our store into various growing environments such as: full sun, morning sun, filtered light and so forth. Our bonsai trees are placed and only ever grown in one these specific areas. What this means is that you can just select your new bonsai from the location that most closely matches your own growing conditions! Once home, your new bonsai tree can then simply continue its normal healthy vigorous growth without using (or losing) any of its valuable energy needlessly trying to adapt to a completely different environment.

Before you buy any bonsai tree from anyone, just ask yourself:


Fukien-Tea-SpecimenFukien Tea Bonsai (Carmona 'Microphylla')

Bonsai Trees Imported Directly From China

As part of our dedication to having a large selection, and to pass along substantial savings to our customers, we import
several species of bonsai directly from China.

These Chinese imports are field-grown, and carefully styled and shaped over very long periods of time before they are ready to be called bonsai.

Some species may take as little as 3 years while others may not reach their full potential for as long as 25 years!

Our mature imports arrive bare-root packed in moss, most without any foliage.



They are quickly potted and begin to sprout new buds almost immediately! Because of their age, these trees have stored
sufficient nutrients in their lager roots and trunks to become well established and are usually growing vigorously in as little as two months!

To put that into perspective, local suppliers of the big box chains often call rooted cuttings or saplings less than one
season old "bonsai trees"; often shipping them off within the same two months, without any reserves or even the ability to store energy at all!

Shockingly, these barely rooted twigs are often sold at the same price we charge for our healthy 5 year old imports!